BMW X6M Tuning – “Stealth” by InsidePerformance – Not so Invisible Performance.

BMW X6M Stealth 6

The guys from Inside Performance did a BMW X6M tuning, and thanks to their enhancements it now offers 700 horse powers! But why the "Stealth" name after the InsidePerformance's BMW X6M Tuning? We are always positively inclined to adding power to luxury cars, but we are a bit confused by the … [Read more...]

BMW Rapp Concept – 9 Luxury Designs, a Vision for Futuristic Roadster

BMW Rapp Concept 8

9 design for a luxurious BMW Rapp concept, a vision from the ambitious Macedonian designer Dejan Hristov, marking the 100th anniversary of the Bavarian brand. A little bit of BMW Rapp Concept History This concept pays tribute to Karl Friedrich Rapp, the man who laid the foundations of … [Read more...]

BMW Celebrates the 10th M3 CSL Birthday


Surely you remember the luxury BMW car - E46 M3 CSL - special sports version of M3. CSL this year celebrates its tenth birthday! The luxury bmw car E46 M3 CSL made by BMW, which was manufactured in only 1383 copies which were sold out in just a few months, was designed to be the ultimate … [Read more...]