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BMW Celebrates the 10th M3 CSL Birthday

Surely you remember the luxury BMW car – E46 M3 CSL – special sports version of M3. CSL this year celebrates its tenth birthday!

bmw m3 csl anniversary 600x369 BMW Celebrates the 10th M3 CSL Birthday

The luxury bmw car E46 M3 CSL made by BMW, which was manufactured in only 1383 copies which were sold out in just a few months, was designed to be the ultimate luxury bmw sports coupe. The facilitated interior as well as the facilitated rear window along with the many lightweight components of exterior and roof made ​​of carbon fiber made the luxury bmw M3 CLS version 110 kg lighter than the standard M3. M3 CSL weighed only 1385 kilograms!

Of course, despite the intense diet, M3 CSL got a slight increase in power – the engine produced 360 excellent horsepower, thanks to which the acceleration to 100 km per hour lasted only 4.9 seconds.